Financial Calculators

Yes, at GTA Real Estates, we understand, buying a property can be a big financial undertaking!
It needs a clear understanding and sometimes a very concentrated and focused thinking to find the impact on existing financial commitments.

At GTA Real Estates, we like to empower you, as a buyer, with the tools that can go a log way in ensuring that you are making an informed decision. Tools that you can use to calculate financial commitments. Whether you have questions like:
– I (or my family) am making “x-amount” of dollars a month. My existing financial commitments are “y-dollars”. How much mortgage can I afford
– How much down payment would it be if I am buying a property for “x-dollars”
– If I pay 5% or 10% or 15% or 20% down payment, what kind of CMHC fee am I looking at
– How much will the monthly mortgage be if I pay “x-dollars” or “x-percent” down payment
– How would my monthly mortgage vary, if the underlying interest rate changes
– What I am expected to pay for land transfer tax for this property

At any given point in time, while you are planning or thinking about any the financial aspects of the buying a property or during any calculation process, you need to talk to an expert, please pick up your phone and call us or reach out to us via email.

Here are some of the basic tools you need to move forward:
Affordability Calculator
CHMC Calculator
Mortgage Calculator
Land Transfer Tax Calculator